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Crestwood Community

The character of Crestwood is exemplified by its relaxed ambience. Most areas in this part of Edmonton are very quiet, as there are usually low levels of noise from traffic. Lastly, it is very easy to get to green spaces from most locations within the neighbourhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to unwind in.

Biking is easy in Crestwood as riding is facilitated by the generally flat terrain, and the cycling infrastructure is excellent. Physically active property owners will also welcome the walk-friendly nature of Crestwood; many day-to-day errands can be run on foot. The public transit network in Crestwood is not especially practical. Nevertheless, the neighbourhood is connected by about 10 bus lines, and bus stops are not very far from most properties. On the other hand, the car is usually the best transportation option in Crestwood. Most real estate listings are a rather short drive from the nearest highway, and coming across a place to park is easy.

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The housing stock of Crestwood is composed primarily of single detached homes and townhouses. This neighbourhood also has a variety of unit sizes - there is a higher proportion of four or more bedroom homes in this neighbourhood. Homeowners occupy roughly 80% of the properties in Crestwood and 20% are rented. A majority of the housing growth in this neighbourhood took place pre-1960.



Source: RE/MAX Website - Crestwood Real Estate Guide & Listings for Sale

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Housing Type
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St. Paul School - 9 min

Sherwood School - 9 min

Crestwood School - 11 min

Meadowlark Christian School - 15 min


Little Friends Preschool - 3 min

City West Childcare Centre - 3 min

Kidco Community Child Care - 10 min

My Daycare - 11 min

Education Daycare & After School Care - 15 min


Isabelle Connelly Park - 9 min

MacKinnon Ravine Park - 15 min

MacKenzie Ravine - 17 min


Safeway - 6 min

Shell - 7 min

Walsh’s No Frill’s- 10 min

Rita's Catering And House Of Spices - 11 min

Jun Insoon - 12 min

Tim Hortons - 6 min
Mary Brown's - 8 min
Bagel Street Café - 8 min
Tropika Malaysian Cuisine - 9 min


Goodwill Industries International - 8 min

Dollarama - 9 min

Dollar Tree - 10 min

Jessica Bridal - 10 min


Tim Hortons - 6 min

Fill Up My Teacup - 9 min

Starbucks - 10 min

Louisiette’s Coffee  - 11 mins


Routes 2 and 709 - 2 min

Routes 2 and 305 - 3 min

Routes 109 and 703 - 7 min

Routes 109, 811 and 952 - 7 min

Routes 1, 111, 120, 150 and 305 - 9 min


Crestwood Community League

Crestwood Community League is the oldest continuous Community League in Edmonton and Alberta. It is believed to be the oldest continuous Community League in North America.

Situated in Northwest Edmonton, our community was founded in 1917 by a group of residents, and was based on the concept of a Neighbourhood and Social Club, whose origins are from New York State. We were known as the 142 Street Community League.

Eventually, we expanded to include civic, social and recreational activities.

Despite many challenges over the decades, this philosophy continues to exist within our community. The first President, George Hall, had applied the “Social Club” concept to the community as a whole with the objective of creating a place where social activities and current events could be engaged. Many neighbourhoods quickly followed this league formation and the EFCL was formed a few years later.


Crestwood is bounded by green space on three sides. We are nestled up against the North Saskatchewan River on the east with McKinnon Ravine on the north and MacKenzie Ravine on the south. Crestwood is centrally located with easy access to downtown, the west end, and to freeways taking you to the south side of the city. We have two schools, six churches and one shopping centre. A curling arena and an Esso gas station are also within the boundaries.

Mission Statement: “To provide a broadly-based, community forum that collectively supports all residents of Crestwood in establishing a friendly, safe, attractive neighbourhood of which its citizens can be proud.”


This will be done by:

  • Playing a proactive, leadership role in listening to the needs of residents, identifying issues and implementing positive, community-based solutions;

  • Reaching out to all residents in welcoming ways to become involved;

  • Offering a representative voice of Crestwood residents on relevant matters that affect Crestwood or the City at large;

  • Providing an attractive, comfortable building that allows for affordable, diverse use by all age groups within the community;

  • Maintaining nicely landscaped, well-kept grounds that may be used for a wide range of social and recreational purposes;

  • Sponsoring community-oriented and economical recreational/social/leisure facilities & programs that are identified and supported by residents;

  • Organizing a few selected major events during the year that bring the community together; and

  • Being good stewards of available resources and as self-sufficient as possible.

Source: Crestwood Community League Website - “Our Community”


Candy Cane Lane

The magic that is YEG Candy Cane Lane certainly needs little introduction. As an important part of Edmonton's holiday season, the hallowed lane lights up the hearts of all who pass through. The ability to bring together the neighbourhood and the city despite the often bitter cold and the jam-packed bustle of the holiday season, is a true testament to the value of some major imagination, a lot of gumption and most of all, heart.

Though we'd like to believe that Santa's elves work all night to bring us YEG Candy Cane Lane (YEG CCL), it's the diversely talented residents who work tirelessly throughout the year planning every aspect of YEG CCL to ensure it goes off without a hitch. In particular, a small group of residents, namely: Duane Hunter, Shawn Loeffler, Gino Ripoli, Matt Oldham, Andy Kay, and Dave Straub selflessly coordinate the countless details, without recognition. They're a remarkable team because their only concern is the greater good, and none are looking for praise. Instead, they find their satisfaction in the city's enormous enjoyment of YEG CCL.

The genesis of YEG CCL lies in the increased popularity of hand painted wood cutouts during the late 1960s. As more families joined in on decorating their homes, what would one day be known as YEG Candy Cane Lane grew in popularity, and with it saw the donation of massive 

amounts of non-perishable food items. This early collection of food initiated a decades-long relationship with the Edmonton Food Bank, which makes YEG Candy Cane Lane one of the biggest contributors to the local charity. Last year, YEG CCL donated 12 trucks stacked full of food for the less fortunate members of our city; a remarkable achievement by no stretch of the imagination.

Perhaps one of the most touching aspects of YEG CCL is the fact that despite religion or beliefs, residents of the area all join in. YEG CCL is less about a denominational holiday, and more about bringing together families, friends and tour groups from hospitals and retirement homes to enjoy the majestic lights and decorative displays. One could liken the execution of YEG Candy Cane Lane to that of a duck; calmly and elegantly sailing onwards on the surface, but furiously paddling away underneath. In addition to the countless volunteers who assist residents in decorating their homes, the coordinators note the exceptional contributions of all supporters of YEG CCL, who, like the coordinators aren't interested in recognition. They are simply interested in supporting the cause, for which the YEG CCL team are eternally grateful for.

As YEG CCL has successively increased in size and popularity, what was a little cottage industry production has now become a full-scale festival. Partnering with Winter City Festival Group has enabled YEG CCL to provide warming shelters and a host of other attractions including bonfires and sleigh rides sure to delight all who attend. As mentioned, the team and residents who work so hard to bring us the enchantment of YEG Candy Cane Lane are not interested in recognition, but their unending efforts serve as a testament of the remarkable power of community.

Source: Pascoe, Alaina. "Candy Cane Lane: Making Magic for 50 Years" Neighbours of Glenora Nov. 2018: 10-11

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