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West Jasper Place Community

People who prefer a slower-paced environment will enjoy West Jasper Place. This neighbourhood is reasonably quiet overall, as there isn't a lot of street noise or city clamour. Lastly, there are a few parks nearby for residents to unwind in, which makes them very easy to get to.

No matter the mode of transportation, it is quite simple to move around in West Jasper Place. Physically active property owners will value the quite walk-friendly character of this part of the city; many daily needs are convenient to meet without the use of a car. Bicycling is also easy in this area since there are few hills to confront cyclists, and there are innumerable bike lanes. West Jasper Place is reasonably transit friendly. For instance, the neighbourhood is connected by about 10 bus lines, and the nearest bus stop is generally very close. Cars are also a reasonably good mode of transportation in this neighbourhood. The majority of properties for sale are a rather short car ride from the closest highway, and it is convenient to find a place to park.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.30.10
Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.30.10


In West Jasper Place, most buildings are small apartment buildings, while single detached homes make up most of the remaining housing stock. About 40% of properties were built in the 1960s and 1970s, while most of the remaining buildings were constructed pre-1960 and in the 1980s. This neighbourhood has a good selection of housing size options, ranging from lofts to 4 or more bedrooms. Renters occupy around 70% of the properties in West Jasper Place while the rest are occupied by owners.



Source: RE/MAX Website - West Jasper Place Real Estate Guide & Listings for Sale

Housing Type
Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.30.25
Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.30.25



Sherwood School - 1 min
Meadowlark Christian School - 13 min
St. Paul School - 13 min
Crestwood School - 15 min


Kidco Community Child Care    - 1 min
Education Daycare & After School Care - 9 min
My Daycare - 11 min
City West Childcare Centre - 11 min
Little Friends Preschool - 11 min


Arthur Elliott Park - 10 min
Isabelle Connelly Park - 17 min
MacKenzie Ravine - 19 min
Sherwood Community Park - 19 min


Rita's Catering And House Of Spices - 7 min
Shell - 8 min
Jun Insoon - 10 min
Safeway - 13 min
Foody Mart 2013 - 13 min


Tim Hortons - 7 min
KFC - 13 min
Hollywood Pizza & Donair - 13 min
Hung Van Nguyen - 13 min


Goodwill Industries International - 8 min
Carsima - 13 min
Dollarama - 15 min
Dollar Tree Stores - 16 min
LA Topps - 16 min


Tim Hortons - 7 min
Fill Up My Teacup - 9 min
Starbucks - 17 min
Cafe Village - 17 min


Routes 109, 811 and 952 - 3 min
Routes 109 and 703 - 4 min
Route 2 - 5 min
Routes 2 and 709 - 6 min
Routes 1 and 109 - 7 min


West Jasper Place and Sherwood

Community League

West Jasper Place and Sherwood are postwar communities, originally part of the Town of Jasper Place. They are stable single family neighbourhoods with long term homeowners (15+ years). These communities have experienced new housing developments on typically 50’ x 150’ lots. There is excellent transit and the future westend LRT is proposed to run down Stony Plain Road and 156th Street.
West Jasper Place boundaries are: 95th Avenue,149th Street, Stony Plain Road, and 156th Street. It is the only community with the Newman’s Resolution which has been retained by city council for 33 years! In 1980, Alderman Ken Newman passed the following motion, “that the area from the lane west


of 149 Street to the lane east of 156 Street between 95 Avenue and 100 Avenue remain RF1 single detached housing which is the equivalent zoning to what presently exists in the area.” 149th Street, 156th Street and between 100th Avenue and Stony Plain Road, there is RA7 apartment zoning. Since 1980, numerous new single detached houses were built (45 between 2002 and 2012). Our Newman's Resolution was replaced with an Area Redevelopment Plan that was adopted by council on August 24, 2015.  It provides land use guidelines for quality controlled housing that will retain the character of the neighbourhood. In 2013, West Jasper Place received new street lights, roads, sidewalks and sewers. In 2015, the Stony Plain Road area, between 149th and 158th Street, received new infrastructure and streetscaping.

Most of the residential area has beautiful mature elm treed boulevards which form an arch over the streets. Along 100th Avenue, there is a pretty multi-use trail which winds between dense Hansa rose bushes and trees leading to within a block of the McKinnon Ravine. McKinnon Ravine trail is noted as Edmonton’s most scenic view of the river valley. Arthur Elliott Park is located at 9620-152 Street with Sherwood Elementary School located at 9550-152 Street. Jasper Gates Mall is located in the northeast corner of the neighbourhood with Safeway and London Drugs as the main tenants. Grant MacEwan Faculty of Arts, located at 10045-156 Street, was sold to the City of Edmonton. In 2017, it will become a non-profit multi-cultural arts and theatre centre.
Sherwood boundaries are 92nd Avenue, 149th Street, 95th Avenue, and 156th Street. The majority of the neighbourhood is zoned RF1 single detached housing, except for 149th Street which is primarily RA7 apartment zoning, and 156th Street has spot multi-family rezonings. Sherwood Community Park is located at 15430-93 Avenue. New infrastructure was provided to this community in the past decade.
Jasper Place Public Library at 9010-156 Street and Meadowlark Shopping Centre at 15630-87 Avenue are in close proximity. Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart and Safeway are the main tenants, as well as several medical offices.


Source: West Jasper Place and Sherwood Community League Website - Our Community

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Jasper Place Revitalization

Jasper Place is one of Edmonton’s original Revitalization communities, beginning back in 2008.  The area includes the neighbourhoods of Britannia-Youngstown, Canora, Glenwood, and West Jasper Place.  Its commercial heart is Stony Plain Road (from 149 Street to 170 Street), where streetscaping projects over the last decade have improved lighting and curbside appeal, painted murals, and created the 152 Street plazas.
Together with the Jasper Place Community Stakeholders Committee, attention is now more focused on the social side of the community.  The committee came up with three goals to guide the strategy:

Engagement: Reaching out and getting to know the diversity of people that live in Jasper Place and getting them involved
Communication: Finding ways of better communicating what is going on, and learning about the people and places of JP
Place Making: Re-imagining and activating public spaces by getting more people involved and/or changing how they are used.  Some key places include indoor spaces (such as the Orange Hub), parks (St. Anne and Butler Park) and commercial plazas (such as 152 Street Plaza on Stony Plain Road).

Source: City of Edmonton Website - Jasper Place Revitalization

Jasper Place ARP: Vision & Guiding Principles

The ARP supports enhancing Stony Plain Road to become a vibrant and well-used commercial street through pedestrian oriented mixed use development that will enhance the attractiveness of the urban realm and provide increased population to support local businesses. 
The ARP encourages incremental change to accommodate a variety of housing types in order to increase available housing choices for all. Enhanced opportunities for residential infill are focused around transit, services and amenities. 
The ARP promotes improved attractiveness and safety by activating neighbourhood edges, street frontages, and areas adjacent to the public realm such as properties bordering parks. 
The ARP supports enhanced connectivity and walkability through guidance for existing pedestrian and cycling facilities, and by highlighting opportunities for a more continuous network within and beyond the Plan area. 
The ARP supports neighbourhood liveability through investment in parks, amenities and infrastructure.

Source: Jasper Place Area Redevelopment Plan: 2.Vision & Guiding Principles - 2.1 Plan Vision, 18

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